Demilia Kambourides Vernicos


I am 17 years old, the oldest of 3 siblings. I have two passports: Greek and Cypriot. I have been a student at Athens College since elementary school.

I have been raised by travel-passionate parents, and I have tagged along to 48 different countries.  On 30 April 2019, just a few days before turning 13, I became the youngest Greek woman to reach the Refugio P. Jose Ribas de Rein of Cotopaxi Volcano, at an altitude of 4,800 meters (15,700 feet).

From Ecuador to Mongolia, these adventures have given me the opportunity to gain knowledge that a traditional classroom could never offer and sparked my passion for understanding cultures and human behavior. The resilience and community spirit I saw got me thinking – what makes us tick? These experiences reinforced my desire to delve deeper into Psychology.

I co-founded Milamou, and I am volunteering with organizations supporting those facing psychological issues and poverty such as BreatheKyada and Arogi

I am also interested in business and leadership. I am a member of the Entrepreneurship Club of my school and I participated in two competitions where I was the PR manager and won a first prize in public opinion category. I co-founded a mobile app startup that connects people to run errands for pay. I was the President of my Class for several years.

I am inspired by my parents. My father Miltos, is a serial entrepreneur who creates unique resorts and experiences and who has three degrees from MIT. My mother Marina, an Emerson and Harvard Extension graduate, founded Creaid, a very active philanthropic non-profit organization. 

I am determined to study in the US. My intended major is Applied Psychology, which is feel aligns perfectly with my experiences and aspirations to explore how we can use psychology to make the world a better place.


I’m an IB2 student at Athens College with interests in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. My IB prediction score is 44/45.

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April 2020 - Current Co-Founder of the tele-therapy platform was created during the Covid-19 quarantine period in Greece. It is a tele-therapy platform that brings together people who are in need of psychological support with volunteer professional psychologists and mental health therapists.

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May 2020 - Current BREATHE

BREATHE was born out of Princess Tatiana Blatnik’s passion and dedication to well-being. It was created to destigmatize mental health, promote self-care and advocate for those who are silenced by any mental health issues. BREATHE acts as an umbrella initiative, creating partnerships for impact around emotional well-being, in an effort to create healthier communities.

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June 2022 - September 2022 KYADA

City of Athens Reception and Solidarity Centre (greek acronym: ΚYADA) helps and protects the city's vulnerable persons: the homeless and the not-haves.

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October 2022 - July 2023 AROGI

Through volunteering, "Arogi" stands by families in need as well as disadvantaged children with special abilities, in an effort to contribute to improving their quality of life.

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During all three years in high school i was part of my schools Entrepreneurship club. One of the business ideas that we presented was a website called De-light travelers ( It gave travelers the opportunity to fly light with an 8kg bag by renting clothing/equipment at your destination from surplus stock. Travelers not only saved money but made their impact in saving the planet. I was the PR manager. We managed to win 1st place on Ja Greece company of the year: Public choice award and Ja greece Social Innovation Relay: 2nd place. I am currently a mentor at the club, helping my classmates compete at the 2024 competitions.

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DoMyToDo is a platform that connects customers with freelance workers.

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Siblings: Annezia & George



Trekrecord is the ultimate app for passionate travelers! Every person has a trekrecord. It is the number of countries you have been to. Mine is 48.

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